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09/17/2016 by syrbal-labrys

UnknownYesterday, I walked in a Washington State man, Army Lt. Jeffrey D. Cooper, who died in Kuwait on 10 September, of a non-combat injury. So, somewhere in the state, tears are falling in the September rain today.

And the election rhetoric (if you can call what Trump does rhetorical?) goes endlessly, horridly on? I wonder more and more why the military and the cops so often always reflexively vote Republican.  It isn’t as if Trump is particularly respectful of vets of any generation, is it?  He is a nasty man who says nasty things about almost everyone that is NOT directly in front of him at a given moment.  I love to see some of those so disrespected giving it back to him!  (Mind you, I’d still like someone to literally whack Trump in the kisser with a 2″x 4″ — it might get his attention.)


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