Bee-sting Me Not

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08/31/2016 by syrbal-labrys

FullSizeRenderI am allergic to beestings. In spite of this, I worked as a professional beekeeper for a few blissful years. I dutifully carried an Epi-Pen with me through those years.  Although I was stung, in spite of protective clothing, sometimes up to a dozen times – I never used my Epi-Pen.  I was always far out in the boonies, far from the “emergency medical help” one is supposed to get in the wake of shooting adrenalin into one’s body.  I used a fast acting inhaled antihistamine (2 minutes)– and before that, one that dissolved under my tongue(ten minutes).  I was equally afraid of the Epi-Pen as I was beestings.

I kept an Epi-Pen in my overalls for if the antihistamine didn’t work. I kept one in my glove compartment of the car.  I kept one in my purse.  I kept on in my medicine cabinet.  Certain tree nuts, if I eat them, can also put me into anaphylactic shock.  So I certainly understand the terror of parents who fear for their allergic children.  That picture is one of the remaining two of three doubtlessly expired Epi-Pen injectors still lying around the place.  I look at it and have a really hard time seeing it being something that costs over $600.

Until the moment, of course, when a child is gasping for air, as I once was at age seven when I ate a Brazil nut.  There were no Epi-Pens back then in 1960, I was unconscious by the time help came – I don’t know how they saved me.  So, naturally, I think the manufacturing company raising the price of something they did not invent or develop (no R & D costs, assholes), to such crippling levels.  The recent announced plans to make a generic for a mere $300 actually pisses me off even worse.  That much for something that costs $1 per dose?

Yes, the CEO, whose pay has gone up for being so brilliant in her ability to increase profits, is doing her job as a CEO.  It is merely redundant to say she is failing her job as a human being; and she is one of millions in that category.  In spite of agreeing somewhat with Jim Wright (second link above), I do think that CEO could have done her job without being so in the over-the-moon profit category and better maintained membership as a half-decent human being.

I’m glad I am old.  I’m glad I’m not sure I even consider my life worth that $600 if a particularly potent bee stung me tomorrow.  I am definitely too old for this brand of shit in America.


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