Media Shame – Eurocentric Much?

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08/25/2016 by syrbal-labrys

1wicked fk tiredAfter the Bastille Day truck attack in Nice, France, it took weeks for me to find a complete list of the dead. Since I had decided to memorialize civilian victims of the continuing debacle resulting from George Bush* and Dick Cheney*’s little Mid-East Adventure in war profiteering, I wanted the names.

Now, there are more victims –a Kurdish wedding party in Turkey was hit by an ISIL suicide bomber. Over 50 dead, and no names anywhere in European or American media. I get that the media is not getting much news until Turkey is sure their investigation is complete.

But the way the story fell out of the headlines makes me think nobody is even asking.  Gee, a woman like me, of a discerning and skeptical turn of mind might think that nobody in the media cares, because hey, they are “just” Moslems, right? Nobody from Europe, no Americans….so the deaths don’t count much?

Most of the dead were women and children. And yet, in the American media, nobody seems to care who they are because they aren’t people we care about?  So, off to walk my Walk — and ring the beautiful brass bell 54 times without names.


*the REAL “founders” of ISIL, thank you very much, Donald Trump.

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