Thank You, Donald Trump – NOT

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08/17/2016 by syrbal-labrys

1black lives matterLast night, in Olympia, Washington a couple came out of a nightspot. They were attacked, the man stabbed and the woman grazed with the knife. The cops got the guy who did it — a recent move-in from Richland, Washington.

Then the fun (by which I mean full scale horror) begins. He told the cops he “had their backs” and that he was a white supremacist who had taken a vow to fight on the streets against “these black lives matter people.” Apparently that means anyone black. The stabbed man was black and merely out on a date with his girlfriend — who happened to be white.

He also told the cops that if they turned him loose — which he seemed to think reasonable, what with him having their backs and all; he would “go to a Donald Trump rally and then take care of some more of those black lives matter people.” Terrific.

Thanks so much, Donald, for releasing the secret (not so much) crazy. For fucks sake, America, WAKE UP!

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