Disturbed, My Record Sticks

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07/23/2016 by syrbal-labrys

“All lives matter.” Yep, that is what the angry white guy on the news was screaming, very recently.  You know, just looking at the world — or even just this country, I’d say not so fucking much true in deed OR word.  Lots of lip service, after all, to the value of all lives.  However…

1black lives matterAlways a however, and necessary it is.  Black lives matter more just now because frankly, the cops are shooting so many more of them even when they are not doing anything threatening.  (Apparently lying down, hands in air IS threatening enough?)  Of course, I am sure someone out there wants to scream “Police lives matter!” in my general direction.

Sure, they do.  But they are the ones with guns and a legal prerequisite for using the gun lethally, aren’t they?  Doesn’t that also give some added responsibility for using said guns – well, responsibly?  I know nothing I am saying here is particularly original or un-said.  But as I’ve sadly noted, adding creases to my forehead while watching video after video, there IS something very odd in police behavior after shootings.  That strangely detached behavior so well described at that link almost scares me more than the fact that the police stop, abuse, accuse, beat, batter, and shoot people of color more often than they do white people.

So, I cannot stop thinking, talking, and writing about black lives mattering because the fact that one’s skin is dark makes one more likely to die in a police encounter.  My mental record sticks there and repeats.  All lives matter, eh?  Show me where?

Not if it is a woman’s life, in need of saving through an abortion, not if she is in a religious hospital or a state that has made abortion difficult to obtain in spite of its legal status.

Not if it is a child’s life — an existing, viable already-born child — in a state where GOP sorts think that the parents shouldn’t expect “hand outs” because they didn’t “plan better”.  Never mind those same states make family planning akin to witchcraft in Salem a couple centuries ago!  I’m not seeing much concern for those children getting enough to eat, a good education to acquire a good job to create a sustainable life.

Not if it is a veteran’s life, one with next to impossible to manage PTSD or bodily injuries that make the former plan FOR life unreachable.

Not if it is a homeless life, because hey,  they should have planned better?  Like that veteran, maybe they didn’t plan not being able to work, or being bankrupted by medical costs, or losing a job sent overseas by the likes of Donald Trump?

Not if it is a soldier’s life because “Hey, they knew the job was dangerous when they signed up.”  Right, you know, when they signed up fresh out of high school because they couldn’t find a job and their folks couldn’t feed and house them any longer?  (Oh, and hey — the guys screaming about “Police lives matter”?  Why doesn’t anyone remind THEM that those guys should have known that job was dangerous when they signed up?  Just wondering, you know, that damned inquiring mind of mine.)

Not if it is a gay/lesbian/trans life, because  — well, “because the Bible told me so”?  Honestly, anyone’s argument based on “freedom of religion” for continuing to marginalize and ignore human suffering is inviting me to invoke Kybele and chop off their junk so I can throw it onto the church steps as I jog past.  Freedom of religion, asshats!  How do you like it now?

Not if it is an immigrant life because America is too fucking chickenshit to admit that the antics of Geo. Bush the Stupider and his little band of warhawks set loose THAT whirlwind that scared Britain into BREXIT and is convulsing Europe.  Oh, and Trumpites?  Hillary Clinton did NOT “create” ISIL, George Fucking Bush and Dick Cheney DID.  So, as we used to say in the Army – fuck off AND die.

Not if it is an animal’s life – because, well, let’s not do the entire list or I will die in this chair, typing.  But certainly not if you are an elephant in India, or a big tusker in Africa.

Finally?  Not if it is Hillary Clinton’s life because a bunch of mean old sexist, racist white guys want to see her hanged or shot before she can be elected President because oh-my-gawd she might rain (reign) on their parade.

Let HER reign! And, hey, let it rain!  And don’t lie to me about “all lives matter” any more, ok?



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