Now I’m Walking on Sunshine Eggshells Woah….

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07/14/2016 by syrbal-labrys

gop-middle-fingerFreedom of speech anyone? Unless, of course, you are talking about Donald Trump, apparently. Then, well, THEN you better watch your mouth. Even if you are a Supreme Court justice, and especially if you are a female judge.

So, yes, this happened.  Ruth Bader Ginsberg made a smart assed stinging comment about Trump and then said she “regretted” it.  I’m only sorry she said she was regretful. Of course, everyone with their lips firmly attached to the NRA teat or Donald’s ass is going to intone, ” But she is a judge on the Supreme Court, she should know better!”

Seriously?  Trump says he is going to be PRESIDENT and have you listened to the shit that rolls out of HIS mouth?  If Little Ruthie needs to mind her mannerly mouth, what the hell does the Donald need lessons in?  (Oh, don’t make me count those aloud…I have a busy day ahead!)

If Donald’s little eggshell freaking ego can’t take a tiny old woman speculating aloud that he is a phony, what the hell is going to happen if he actually had the US military to command when someone like that other nutcase in North Korea calls him worse things?  I mean, we have seen how he handled the very small command of Secret Service details and reporters, haven’t we?

And what’s that?  You think my borrowed graphic is rude?  Well, you know I could say the GOP party led the way, what with a guy in the chair at the head of the Senate telling my party to “Go fuck yourself.”  So, bite me.  I do bite back, consider that fair warning.


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