Ashamed, Angry, and White

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07/11/2016 by syrbal-labrys

I live in the Pacific Northwest. I used to shop, often, in Seattle. After the WTO debacle there, when the cops were such asshats as to pepper spray shoppers in cars at stoplights, I stopped going north to shop with very rare exceptions.

I wrote to two Seattle mayors to tell them they needed to get the cops in line because since I didn’t live in the city I would not even visit a city that was so asinine with regards to police behavior. I got no reply – apparently since I can’t vote the guy out of office, my opinion didn’t count.

1black lives matterNow I have another reason to not visit Seattle. There was a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest there this week.  On the news, I watched some old white guy photographed screaming into a young black face.  I listened to a bunch of clueless entitled white people shouting “All lives matter!”

Perhaps those shouters should try telling that to the cops who simply DO persist in beating, abusing, arresting, and shooting black people.

Forget you, Seattle.  My money can be spent elsewhere.  But not at Starbucks or Whole Foods…not anywhere that seems invested in making the bad things stay the same.


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