I’m A Knife…

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07/06/2016 by syrbal-labrys

Have you seen the quizzes online that tell you what sort of dog you would be? What sort of vehicle you would be? What dessert you would be, what style of music or furniture?  I’m a German shepherd, a four-wheel drive SUV, ice cream, rock/metal, and (iirc) leather camp furniture.

1america is a gun.Is there one that is about what sort of weapon you would be? I admit, I don’t really want to look for that one myself.  But I think I would be a knife — quiet, requiring stealth and skill and thought.  Not a gun, requiring little besides an index finger and pissativity.

Over the 4th of July holiday here in the Pacific Nor’west, a woman and her pregnant daughter were shot – apparently over an altercation about driving/parking.  Luckily, both will survive.  Honestly, do I believe a man with a knife — possibly one like the folding one in my handbag — would have gotten up close and stabbed two women who pissed him off (by taking the parking place he felt entitled to, perhaps?)??  I don’t believe that for a New York minute.

Here in my red-dominated county, fireworks noise AND gunshots have been a nightly thing for most of the past two weeks.  Gunshots as in idiots shooting in the air when they ran out of fireworks type ordinance.  The noise will likely continue for the rest of the month. My Viet Nam veteran husband has shuddered through those weeks, sweat staining the bedclothes.  My Afghanistan veteran son has smoked pot and tried to turn up television/video games loudly enough to cover the sound.  But the stress of it had much to do with his damaged back acting up so badly that he fell because he simply had so much nerve inflammation that he could not stand.

And the fire dangers/damages?  Oh, don’t get me started — less than10 minutes away a woman lost her home when the neighboring teenager shot a fireworks “mortar” into her attic space.  People have blown off fingers and hands.  Sirens raged past us for the last two nights, sirens wailing.  And yet this is the “sane” and proper celebration of our Independence Day?

What happened to community events?  Community picnics, bands, food, professional over-the-water fireworks displays.  Common sense about how dry it is and how much more scarce water is becoming in the area?  Instead?  I see some seditious ignorant ASSHOLE driving a pick-up truck with a US flag on one side and the Confederate battle flag waving on the other.  It IS a good thing I am a “knife”, perhaps?  I might have been tempted to take a shot at that my own damned self!  Luckily, I know the limits imposed by my temper and my patriotism and do NOT carry the family firearms around with me!




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