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06/28/2016 by syrbal-labrys

Yesterday was my day “off”. Not even responsible on Mondays for feeding myself. Decadent, yes?  Well, I don’t usually just sit around eating bon bons.  (What the hell IS a bon bon, anyhow?)

summer hearthsideBut I do often wax introspective, usually while doing something physically repetitive.  I spent yesterday knitting.  My last knitting project — so help me!  I learned to knit late in life — early twenties.  I was never marvelous at it, but sufficient until I blew out disks in my neck and needed surgery to regain use of my left hand.  Since then — in my early 40’s?  Knitting is a pain, a discipline, and yes – a misery.  I’ve thrown out most finished projects, or quit them unfinished.  Knitting hurts so much I need distraction to do it.  First, I stared at my pretty hearth, sweetly scented by drying lavender.

That was insufficient, as pain crawled into my fingers, up through the wrist into arm and finally clear into left shoulder and neck.  So, I lost an ideal or two and reeled up HBO on Google Cast to watch something I’ve resisted for six long years while half of the internet went nuts over it: Game of Thrones.  I got through season one, and one step into season two.  Dragons, how cute.

Mind you, some years back, I did try to read the books.  I recalled reading some of Martin’s early stuff in the 70’s and liking it.  Either I’ve gotten much more selective or he has gotten extremely sucky.  I didn’t even make it through book one.  First off, I don’t care if you call it fantasy — if you have seasons that last longer than it takes the average earth-like planet to get around the sun, and worse, seasons that don’t even last the same period each time?  You need some sort of fucking explanation, George!  And if it is a medieval society, a feudal society?  You need to explain how there are goods enough stockpiled to keep even the bare  minimum alive in humans and livestock — not to mention in nature.  So that was a massive turn off that I refer to as “stupiding out” right off the bat.

Watching the excellently costumed and scenery surrounded story on television, I’d have to give the author kudos for a grand concept — but I sympathize with the screenwriters who must surely be developing mental muscles from cleaning up his sloppy act to make the show flow better than the damned books.  Watching good old “die in the traces” Sean get killed off yet again almost made me throw Google cast AND the knitting away.  Trite, trite, trite.

I told myself to shut up, knit, and enjoy eye candy.  My goodness, if Jaime Lannister was my brother, I might be tempted to incest, too.  He IS a package of yummy.  Course, mad bad me says that if that that woman was my sister, hey….temptation is, and she is yummy, too.  Anything but “Spartan” in the eye candy sense, if you get my meaning.  Even if she exceptionally ill-tempered, and a murderous liar.  (But those can be useful qualities in a rough world?!)  I really prefer Tyrion, he is so deliciously sarcastic!

The whole “horse people” – Mongols done taller and muscled on bigger horses, with a side of flying flaming predator bit lost a lot of interest when they killed off the pretty Khal.  And the Starks?  Aside from Aryah, they bore me a bit, too.  So predictably (and as Mordred said in “Camelot”, “poisonously”) good.  Sansa, oh my good gods, goddesses, and goblins — I am trying to be in sympathy with a female doing her best to be a good, safe female in a horrid situation.  I am, I swear!  But I’d have torn out that little blonde puke’s jugular with my teeth by now….and/or thrown myself from the battlements.  Yes, yes, it sucks that such a world offers a female so few satisfying choices.

And Lord Frey needs to hightail it back to putting up signage at Hogwarts, ok?

Before anyone tries (comments off and all) to tell me I am oggling a rapist in Khal Drogo?   No, I am not.  I am oggling a handsome actor.  Also, the “rape is an act of violence, not sex” crowd cannot have it two ways.  Even his marriage night routine with little blonde Dany wasn’t rape — it was the unfortunately unschooled way of “his people.”  He was not trying to be “violent” with her, he was doing what it was expected husbands would do.  So, no, I will give the first “rape” of the series a pass as a Kantian who thinks intention most certainly counts.

The show actually bores me somewhat because it rarely surprises me.  I mean, after enough naked tits and ass to do a soft porn flick, one becomes jaded even if not starting from a pretty “Oh, wow, imagine that — naked whores!” said in loud sarcasm font.  The series engages in multiple themes I dislike — routinely sacrificing characters (yes, especially women) just to piss off male heroes adequately to get their “necessary rage” on, for instance.  Now, I’m telling myself that I will be more engaged in a non-Sci-Fi Theater 2000 sort of way as the story develops.  Myself isn’t believing me!






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