A Mad, Bad Week

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06/24/2016 by syrbal-labrys

I’ve really lost my appetite for blogging much about political issues.  Even ordinary social trends make me look longingly at my overstocked and underused liquor stock.  But it has been a crazy week.  Sometimes it seems the entire world has gone over some kind of sanity edge on the mental map.  (I will cling to this happy memory of hope, thank you very much.)

1modern gunWatching the Democrats of the House of Representatives form a defiant little pool sitting on the floor was edifying, if too little too late, I admit.  Yes, Dems, better late than never.  For Paul Ryan to whine that they were “only” doing it for attention made me laugh — of fucking course they were doing it for attention, you jackass — isn’t that why you politicians do ANYthing?  I think the politicians need to stop fearing the NRA’s ability to mobilize right-wing voters and start worrying about when the next gun nut might somehow shoot up THEIR chambers instead of only workplaces, movies, schools, and nightclubs.  Because apparently, that is the only thing that might motivate brain cells in the direction the entire country polls as preference!

And of course, Washington State Congressional District 8 is represented by Dave Reichert – a patriarchal moron I deeply despise.  To hear him say he couldn’t support the Democrats seeking gun control aimed at keeping folks on the no-fly list from getting guns made the jaw drop.  He was such a little concern troll — insisting that people who “might be on the list by mistake would have their due process violated.”  That is really rich coming from Sheriff Dave.  He didn’t seem much concerned with due process during the WTO”Battle in Seattle” – racing across streets rallying his cops as they even pepper sprayed shoppers in cars and the like.  Hypocritical bastard!  This is the same guy who responds to my letters demanding he protect women’s rights with little notes about praying and telling me his actions are actually for the best of little women like me.

And sneaking in to finally vote on funds to study the Zika virus?   Wow, did someone finally tell them that the Holy Fetus-People were the ones at risk?  Goodness knows, they didn’t seem to care that it was pregnant WOMEN risking the most by the contagion!  I often make jokes about asteroid landing lights — this is the sort of thing that make me think one could hit Congress without too many people not directly related (lobbyists and such?) mourning.

And Rio?  On the brink of not even paying bills.  Yet, firmly assuring us that the Olympic Games are going to be great and safe.  Are they using Donald Trump’s playbook — keep screaming “great” till everyone believes it?  Sewage in the ocean water and yet the Olympic Committee picked this site?  I freely admit, I loved watching the games as a child and a young woman.  Now I rarely watch; the Winter Games were always my favorite — but the mess at Sochi made me think it had all become some kind of suicidal nonsense for nations stupid enough to play host.  I do not think athletes should expose themselves to the corruption that the Olympics have become — and I mean that in every sense of the word.

And now, as the week closes and people on Wall Street sweat and watch the clock, thinking “Thank God It’s Friday!” more earnestly than ever?  BREXIT took the referendum.  Europe is pissed at Britain, telling them to hurry their little exit so everyone else can attempt a new normal.  Autumn will see a new Prime Minister and the “no confidence” votes will soon begin.  Trump thinks it is a great idea.  (His version of reading a story book while fires catch in “Rome”?)  Of course he does, he makes money buying up cheap stocks and waiting for recovery!  (Did anyone tell him that if he were to be President, he’d have to stop that for the duration?) Stocks are plunging around the world.

1vote blueI tell you what, America?  I know it is “only” England and Europe — but you all should watch closely.  The economic shit storm poised to roll downhill is just beginning; and it is a perfect example of what voting stupid and racist fear does; I was a Sanders delegate and I am voting with absolute enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton come November.  Because to let Trump win by stubbornly clinging to the delusion that Sanders can somehow win is an Americanized BREXIT that will send our economic ship to join the Titanic. 





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