Melancholy, Maddened Monday

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06/13/2016 by syrbal-labrys

I cried a lot yesterday. Half in grief and half in fury.  Two friends came over last night and we cried together over a hearth-full of candles burning for the people killed by a hateful man wielding an assault rifle.

photoAlready they cry “Lone Wolf”…which is code for “We ain’t doing shit about America’s addiction to guns meant only for killing people.”  So that picture there at left?

That is for the NRA.

That is for their proxies in Congress.  Is your Congress-Critter on the NRA gravy train?

That is for the oh-so-holy sorts who talk, like the shooter’s father about “God punishing homosexuality.”  Me?  I’m still waiting for anyBODY to punish homicidal stupidity.  So good luck with that bullshit.

cup of loveFor the families shattered and heart-broken by this monstrous murderous hatred?  This, just this.  Please give what you can!

America needs to wake and smell the coffee.  Or, more to the point?  The blood, the tears…

The surviving families and friends will have phenomenal medical bills, household expenses, and alas, funerals to pay for in the days and months ahead.  Please, please help them if you can.


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