It Boggles The Mind

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06/08/2016 by syrbal-labrys

1thou are a douvheThat a woman can be raped, while unconscious and her rapist gets a six month sentence that will likely be reduced to three or four months. While she deals with the results of rape for the rest of her life. The fact that her rapist was an entitled young moron?  Not even a “mitigating factor” that should explain his light punishment.  Yes, he gets to be a sex offender “forever” because he IS a sex offender.  If a drunk driver who maims or kills does not get off the hook because he is drunk, why on earth should a male rapist get off the hook for the physical harm and mental maiming he committed?  He CHOSE to drink and he CHOSE to rape?  He is responsible for his choice to BREAK THE LAW and commit an assault.

The very questions the victim was put to on the stand indicate that no, even in the 21st century, we have not got past the idea that it is every woman’s job to keep men from going dick-maddened like some sort of rogue elephant.  And if the rapist is a college athlete?  Well, then, his entitlement seems to extend to female bodies and that is in need of address!

Me?  I blame monotheistic religions. You know, the ones where the only deity is male and women are just there to fuck, birth, clean, and cook?  And of course, under that plan they are utterly expendable — can be thrown to a crowd of rapists to be a diversionary tactic to save some pretty candy-assed “angels” and such.  Oh, yes, and burnt alive for NOT agreeing, smilingly, to being sex slaves.  Because no, I don’t see much difference between Christian and fun-fucking-fanatic Islamists when it comes to the war on women and the idea that females might be real people, too.

When I was 17, I was thought of as a fire breathing “line ’em up and shoot ’em” feminist…without even saying that ever.  Because I thought women might be allowed to wear slacks/jeans/pants in the schools/workplaces instead of freezing their asses off in skirts for the pleasure of men.  The idea that marriage hunting was NOT why women went to college was equally foreign.  But back then?  NO fucking body was burning women for not smilingly agreeing to being fuck-sacks.

We’ve lost ground since then, I have to say.  Now?  Now I DO think lining some men up to shoot them might be the only correct answer to some of these problems.  I’m not mellowing in my old age, guys.  Fair warning….fair warning!  Pity the fool man who invades my house and surprises and frightens me.  I react very poorly indeed.


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