Misogynist’s Confusion?

05/20/2016 by syrbal-labrys

1vote blueClear announcement: I have been elected as a delegate for Bernie Sanders — for my Congressional District. So I am not particularly partisan for Hillary Clinton. That said? I just HAVE to comment on the insanity from Trump.

Is he confused? He is getting busy attacking Bill Clinton’s record. Not, mind you, his governing record as a President.  But his “record” as a rather lousy husband who is occasionally unfortunately led about by his dumb stick.  As a woman, who CAN certainly imagine far worse things that Hillary Clinton as POTUS and Bill as First Husband, I just have to wonder wtf all that shit is about?

Perhaps Mr. Trump thinks that while Hillary is on the ticket, it is really just because Bill can’t run for a third term himself?  Is he under the mistaken idea that the “little lady” is just a proxy on the voting slip for Bill being The Man again?  That she will be taking all her orders from her husband, as I expect Donald’s wives do?  (‘Cause if they don’t, they aren’t wives long?)

It’s bad enough Trump is a blatant racist.  And he IS a misogynist.  For him to criticize Bill Clinton’s record accusing him of being a womanizer and rapist is like an exceptionally large pot calling a small kettle black.  I’m sure glad I am a pagan humanist sort, spiritually speaking — because THIS kind of nonsense says that if the purported “God(s?)” of the Right isn’t crazy?  The front-runner sure as hell IS nuts.



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