Thank You, CNN? Not…. (Or, the Other 1%)

05/14/2016 by syrbal-labrys

photoAmerica still has troops on the ground in Afghanistan, as do several of our “Coalition” members. And we have increasing numbers of men returning to Iraq. So, there still ARE American and allied deaths. CNN has discontinued their casualty lists as of 2015, apparently under the impression that the wars are done?  Thus, while there was an American death in Iraq, and two Romanian deaths in Afghanistan, I cannot find the names of the unfortunate Romanians, nor the American on the CNN site.

At Al Asad Air Base in Iraq, Army Lt. David A Bauders of Seattle, Washington, died of a non-combat cause while supporting the war against ISIL.

In Afghanistan, two Romanians were killed by Afghans in the uniform of either Afghan Army or Police in Kandahar Province.  The only remaining site I have for finding names does not have their identities.

Apparently, none of this is real news any more?  Nobody cares who is dying on distant sands?  Only about 1% of American families have someone in military service.  So, being one of those people — as a veteran married to a veteran and mother to two veterans and daughter of a veteran?  It pisses me off mightily that since there is no draft to level the deadly playing field, everyone just stops noticing when young men and women die for the stupidity of Presidents.

When practically everyone’s darling boys were at risk due to the draft, people paid more attention to military adventurism.  So it is with bitter and wry humor that I read about knotted knickers and clutched pearls due to a Senate bill mandating that women be required to register for the draft not being used.  Of course, there IS a “draft” in action — an economic draft that vacuums up young people who can’t find jobs, housing, medical care or educational opportunities without paying for it with their warm bodies in a uniform.  Note, tired soldiers go back to the same war over and over again, many putting more time in combat zones in then did veterans of WWII!  Because as a Bush Cabinet sort said, we DO go to war with the Army we have.  A volunteer force not renewed or refreshed by a draft in time of double wars.

photoI was in the Army during the “Cold War.”  I served in a city I likely would never have left alive if the “balloon went up”.  I went to sleep as a soldier, wife, and new mother serenaded by the concussions of Russian artillery practice.  And back then, as a feminist of a peculiarly humanist mind, I asked why women — if they wanted equality so much — were not marching on Washington to ask why they, too, should not register for the draft.  I was much hated for asking that question.  I called a lot of people, male and female, hypocrites.  I still think it hypocritical — if there is a draft registration, why not women, too?  Are only our sons expendable?  And yes, I have a daughter.

We here have done our time.  The current crop of pearl clutching, knickers knotted screamers have no real right to have an opinion on this, if you ask me.  Much as I feel men don’t really have any right to legislate for women’s medical and reproductive choices, I don’t think people who have largely NOT served in harms way should get the larger say over whether only poor young men go to bleed for political failures.  And women?  If you are screaming for equal rights, as you SHOULD; I regret to inform you that right should include the “right” to die on a battlefield.  All or none, folks, all or none.

Counting at CenterAnd now, out into the cloudy cool blessing of a day to walk the Labyrinth with a name and a cup.  Someone has to remember, even if CNN can’t be bloody bothered.  When I dug, carried, and laid 4 tons of stone in my backyard, I said the time would come when these wars would be unpopular and unreported and the dying would be forgotten.

I fucking HATE feeling like Cassandra of Troy.





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