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05/04/2016 by syrbal-labrys

Ok, trying to get a feel for life here on the internet. It has been such a week…

wethepeople_editI spent Sunday, from eleven to nearly seven, at the County Convention for Democrats of Pierce County.  Yes, it was pretty much the same tabulation horror/clusterfuck as the caucus before it.  Let me tell you, the Democrats of Pierce County are pissed off.  They are very angry at the state’s “super delegates” who are ALL pledged already to vote for Clinton.  You see, Bernie Sanders got over 80% of the caucus votes and continues to do so in every little trial balloon.  We drafted a resolution demanding that the super delegates vote as their constituents voted — for Sanders.

We will be ignored, of course.  Just like when we tried to pass (overwhelmingly) a resolution demanding the wording about a “fee” for every delegate to pay being called a “donation” instead; since it was NOT required to act as delegates and participate and vote.  We got a verbal bitch slap telling us the party would not change the wording for “legal reasons.”  Well, then.  I get the desperation for money; but see, it seems like some foul dealing to say “fee” in the hope that obedient little sheeple will simple offer up the money unquestioningly.  Instead, what I saw was a fairly high number of delegates go from sign-in tables directly back OUT the door of the high-priced rented gymnasium.  ALL available alternate delegates were seated.  Dear Democratic Party: you are FUCKING up; get a clue!

As for me?  I will be sticking with Bernie Sanders, like this feminist is.  I really think the Democratic Party is erring on the side of stupidity in making Clinton the front-runner.  I think Trump could beat her, and then where the hell will America be?  It is sadly ironic that the Democrats were SO happy to trumpet Nate Silver’s predictions about Mitt Romney losing, but they don’t want to talk about Nate’s predictions with regard to Clinton vs Trump and Sanders vs Trump.

The people are pissed off AND the Democratic Party seems set to piss ON what the people have to say.  Oh well, Sunday wasn’t a total loss.  I found my candidate for State Senator in Olympia. (Yes, the damn webpage is not quite complete yet — but it will be by Sunday!)




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