Hump Day Feels — Uh, Humped

04/27/2016 by syrbal-labrys

The week is half over, I should be planning my weekend, right?  Wrong.  My weekend IS planned for me.  By being a Sanders delegate at the Sunday Pierce County Convention for Democrats.

1wicked fk tiredThe organizational skills of the local Dems leave much to be desired.  Last time, a four hour time block spread into nine hours.  I can scarcely wait to see what drivel is going to be pumped by local Democratic officials and super delegates this weekend.

I’m already in an astonishingly foul temper about it.  I got notified of a “fee” of $25 unless I am already a “paid member of the local Democratic Party”, in which case it is $15.  And my husband who will accompany me to keep me from committing homicide of some sort?  He might be asked for a $40 fee — to “join” and to “attend.”  I fired back a nasty letter about last minute cash demands.  I got back a tapdance and back pedal whining about the need for financial support and “donations.”

So then I schooled the letter writer on the difference between a “fee” and a “donation.” And told them since my checkbook doesn’t even HAVE $65 right now that I will NOT be paying.  Told them normally I would scratch up a donation, but since they pissed me off with calling it a “fee” they would get nothing except my now very grudging participation.

And I shall have hours to listen to exultant Clinton delegates.  Yay.  Not.  Mind you, I’ve sworn to support her if she is the final candidate, as I expect she will be.  But, here is the thing.  If she keeps pissing me off with passive aggressive bullshit like having her own daughter act like an attack dog and her husband keeps blaming “millennials” for issues they certainly did NOT create?  I may just say fuck it and refuse to play nicely.  

I have quite frankly never struggled so hard with an election.  Yes, any Democrat is better than one of the top loons of the GOP.  I GET that.  But damn it, the fact that Clinton feels like Eisenhower in a dress/pantsuit just pisses me the hell OFF!  And her “We aren’t Denmark” style of defeatism that is code for “Suck it up, America; you are sinking to second world status, just deal with it while smiling and keeping the rich richer,”  REALLY pisses me off.

So yeah, Clinton and her super delegates are assumed to win every day betwixt now and November.  In spite of my plan to vote for which ever one topped the ticket, whether she wins ME will depend on what sort of nasty, mean, petty, defeatist crap comes out of her/her husband’s/her daughter’s mouth the week/day before the election!



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