Poetry Month – Sixteen: Reading, Ridicule, & Recipe

04/16/2016 by syrbal-labrys

Pssst…..over here, being insulting as usual!

Steel Kachinas

flying monkeyOh, did I leave sarcasm out of the title?  I know this is the blog where I intended not to swear or snark.  I’m not swearing.  But by all that is holy in history and writing, I will snark.  The photo?  It is the one I utilize when I really do want to fling monkey-poo from on high. So obviously it is prose first this day.  Otherwise, the succinct haiku would make no sense, sorry.

I’ve felt very low and weary and pained lately and I often escape into books.  I went to the library since money is short presently.  That was my first error — our library sucks rocks through bendy straws.  I checked out a book I had seen reviewed online as “luminous” — and hey, fungus and rotting manure can glow in the dark, right?

The title is “The Cenote” and I am pretty sure it is…

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