And The Beat Goes On

04/11/2016 by syrbal-labrys

…no, not Cher. The war drums that never cease.

1founding fathersGeorge Bush took us to war with a pack of lies.  Iraq and Saddam Hussein had jack shit to do with 9-11 and the fall of the towers in New York City.  His little family vendetta created the instability that led to the birth of ISIL, which is why Obama is still trying to play catch-up and clean-up in war shattered Iraq.

We SHOULD have learned by now.  We watched our Congress be fear-flogged into supporting that damned war.  We neglected the alleged actual main target in Afghanistan — Osama bin Laden — until Obama’s efforts to find him using intelligence, not bombs, finally worked.  Yet we are STILL bogged in both theaters — Afghanistan and Iraq.

What schools, roads, bridges, hospitals, jobs, and LIVES could be built HERE with what is being spent on destruction in those two places?  Vote the Republican bastards OUT at every level this fall!  Me?  I am focused on the fact that Sanders did NOT vote for beginning this ongoing debacle!




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