Mad Dogs and Englishmen GOP in the Midday Sun

04/08/2016 by syrbal-labrys

1jesusTornadoes are raking the Southeast, winter is reclaiming the Northeast and Midwest.  Oklahoma is afire, can Kansas and Nebraska — or the Dakotas be far behind?  Southerners are thanking Jesus for saving them, even if he did let the house be demolished.  Do they never wonder why Jesus/God/Allah doesn’t save the millions in constant risk of starvation and death from drought, war, religious fantics?

It is the first week of April and barely past noon here in the Pacific Nor’west – on the “wet” side of the Cascades in a red county on the blue side of the state. It is already over 80 degrees outside.  My gardens look as they usually look in May. So, realistic me has to wonder if they will look as deprived and death-stalked as they look in August before the end of June? I’ve retreated to the cool dark interior of my house already, although garden tasks need doing.  Only mad dogs and Englishmen, as the saying goes, go out in the midday sun!  Or the rather red-necked, red-state sorts who proclaim a beautiful sunny spring, unheeding as the snow pack melts off the Cascades.

The GOP has been more quiet of late about global climate change, or as they prefer to call it “global warming” — because that phrase enables them to belly-laugh at change and science whenever a flake of snow falls in winter.  But even their most supine followers are beginning to wonder what is up with the weather.  A healthy less-political tack would be to say “Could we stop arguing about the cause and just ADMIT it is happening and that we need a solution and fast?”

My well is flowing nicely just now.  We had a lot of rain, and snow in the mountains as well, this year.  But now, the temperatures are climbing fast.  Soon, all things tender will roast in the sun and the well will slow to a paltry two gallons a minute for four households — three of which are living in denial of a problem.  Yes, they all vote Republican.  One was looking at his dead grass, which died last summer, and blaming his lawn man.  The neighbor who talked them all out of getting a license to have a supplementary well dug — in February last year when we began to have issues if anyone ran water for more than twenty minutes straight?  He promised them it was “just the drought” and told them it would end in September.  He lied, of course.  The very idea of a drought in FEBRUARY in the Pacific Freaking Northwest should have been a tip-off.

I look at our small scale problem and don’t need a crystal ball or tarot cards to see this same thing taking shape around the country.  More people, more heat, less water = a big problem.  My neighbors won’t take action on the well, I fear, until it entirely stops producing water.  Getting a supplementary well approved and dug is not a fast thing — what will they drink and wash in when the faucets go dry?  Have they looked at California lately?

photoHow will it feel watching every living thing in their yards die and become tinder for any passing spark?  Last summer we had fires burning within a half mile of the house — four at once when the “patriotic” twits lit up fireworks on the 4th of July.  Yes, our red county can’t even manage to realize lighting thousands of explosive toys in a tinder dry year is fucking stupid!

But I comfort my semi-bitter (like dark chocolate?) self with the thought that they will tell themselves that “Jesus will come to take us away home, maybe that is what all this means?!”  And hey, sure, why the hell not?  It only seems appropriate then that the beautiful green state I came back to in 1987 might eventually resemble fiery hell  for the oh-so-god-bothered logic-impaired asshats screaming about how a con-man is going to make America great again.  I won’t dry up and burn alone….




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