The Why Is No Mystery

04/05/2016 by syrbal-labrys

Featured Image -- 7831It’s no secret that I consider the military deaths in war to often be a form of human sacrifice. And in America, the land of the “all volunteer” military?  We have now a mostly economic draft, where the 1 % of Americans NOT a the top of the financial pyramid are the only ones serving their country as bullet stoppers.  Most interestingly, the financial 1 % are the ones that seem to determine the purposes for which America goes to war.

So to me, this man‘s question about the “why” of human societies engaging in human sacrifice seems pretty simply answered.  The “highly stratified” cultures that engaged in the most human sacrifice did so to keep the humans most likely to be sacrificed feeling peacefully expendable.  I bet they dressed it up in pretty terms, too; things the watchers of “Hunger Games” would recognize.  Things we see on recruitment posters, too.  Just saying.



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