Saturday Snark – Things I Wonder

03/12/2016 by syrbal-labrys

Attachment-1Reading the usual trumperific latest – blaming the violence of his rallies on Bernie Sanders, for pity’s sake?!  Right, because saying things like “I’d like to punch a protester in the face!” can’t have anything to do with the violence getting ever more prevalent, right?  Because Brown Shirts Trumpers gotta do what Brown Shirts Trumpers do, right?

So what I wonder is, as the Secret Service guys have to rush around taking his orders and protecting him from even possibly needing to “punch” his way out of something, do they ever wonder what the hell they are doing?  Do they ever wonder how much Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines it will take to protect him and us if he somehow becomes President and pisses off the world?

I also wonder wtf Clinton was thinking in her speaking-well-of-the-dead Nancy Reagan with regards to AIDS?  Personally?  I have no qualms about speaking ill of the dead!  Nor the living — I call an asshole exactly that, thanks.

And I wonder what newly minted woman Kaitlyn Jenner is thinking blowing Republican horns? (Hey, if you see a pun there, go with it – me I won’t touch it.)  After all, the GOP is the party against everything that enabled her to go on being part of a Kardashian circus while dressing the part fully with cleavage and ass shots!  Of course, newly minted or not, “Kait” doesn’t need to worry about access to birth control or abortion like those of us not so newly minted….


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