Snark-a-Thon – Part 2

03/06/2016 by syrbal-labrys

My joys with technology continue. Realizing I needed to use my iPad more made me get off my duff to update it yesterday. Or try to do so. Up comes my iTunes account on the iPad, demanding the password to an iTunes identity that no longer exists. I changed it last month to get rid of a Yahoo mail account that can’t recognize and eliminate spam that you have marked AS spam 100 times. But my iPad, even when supposedly “synch’d” up with the iCloud, etc did not note ANY such change. It will accept neither old, nor new password. Without password to get into it, I cannot change the identity.  IF I believed in “God” and the whole Garden of Eden thing?  I’d think it was some special revenge simply because of the Apple brand!  I finally get it straightened out on my “amusement ipad”(i.e. portable tv of trash to watch while dying on the Nordic Frack machine); but then my ancient iPad used only as an electronic cookbook?  Oh my dear gods, goddesses, and goblins of UNbeing!  THAT beast took hours to wrangle…..

But enough.  I am having woes beyond technology.  I’ve felt really horrid for the last three months — sleepless and constantly exhausted.  Physical activity wipes me out.  At first, I thought it merely the effect of getting back into movement after last summer’s busted ankle took all the wind out of my sails.  I finally went to the doctor for bloodwork.  My LDL count is CRAZY high — TWICE what is acceptable.

My physical last year found it elevated, even though my exercise routine and cleaner, leaner eating plan had taken 17 pounds off my body — but I thought that might have been the effect OF the diet changes, not quite “paleo” but higher in meats and proteins than usual for me.  But now, still higher?

I am exercising too little.  I suspect my thyroid is a bit under functioning.  And I am eating too much of even good foods for my age and activity.  Time to take myself in hand!

The Minotaur says it is stress.  I hate to admit he could be right, but I am baffled — our diet is less red meat than average – once or twice a week, chicken twice, fish once and vegetarian twice.  And stress I have had – since 2011 the PTSD rollercoaster has kept me hypervigilant, insomniac, and emotionally volatile.  The worst changes have been in the last three months AFTER our counseling began.

Unfair,since counseling was the sum of all my hopes for over three decades of rough marital road; now it seems the sum of all my fears!  What if it doesn’t work?  What if it does work, but we find we really don’t like each other?  What if only one of us feels that way?  The stress has been SO bad that in the last three months I gained BACK that 17 pounds, even though I didn’t gain back any in the three months of nigh motionlessness of broken ankle recovery!

Thus, instead of whining about wanting to only walk outdoors this weekend, I dragged my butt onto the Nordic Frack Track machine and with my iPad battery dead had to deal with the limited options for entertainment therein!  I will see the doctor again next week.  I will tell him not to offer me statins.  I will discuss my own battle plan of supplements, dietary tightening, and exercise.  We will check my blood every 6 to 8 weeks looking for improvement.  I WILL discuss something to aid my sleep, and a possible anti-anxiety drug for a while; though my body notoriously hates most actual drugs.

If this is getting older?  It is not for sissies.  It is also a pain in my ass.  Pity the next missionary to set foot on my doorstep — I will NOT promise to not use him/her as a chew toy for my current aggravation!




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