Be Afraid….On “St. David’s” Day

03/01/2016 by syrbal-labrys

I’m feeling the Welsh today, courtesy of a poet named Dannie Abse:

In this exile called old age 

 I live between nostalgia and rage. 

This is the land of fools and fear. 

 Thanks be. I’m lucky to be here.”

On this “Super Tuesday” coinciding with “St. David’s Day” for those of us with Welsh ancestry? Yes, be afraid. When a Secret Service agent is so easily “provoked” as to throttle a journalist trying to photograph the eviction of black lives matter protestors ordinary black students there to see Trump whipping the crowd into a frenzy?  Also, for shame to the CBS News who gave the Secret Service guy a free pass because he “was provoked” — excuse me, these are alleged professionals!  A man stepping out of a line to get a better shot, even if he does swear at the agent blocking his professional work, is NOT “provocation”! Yes, be afraid.  I am fond of the study of history, mind you; but when it begins to resemble a dystopian fiction of a repeat of Weimar Germany falling for a fascist prick?  Not so fond at all, thank you.

1vote blueIf you are a GOP voter?  Think carefully what fears and hatreds you vote — they will eat YOU at last as well.  After all, any Republican of my father’s generation would be unelectable these days.  Hillary Clinton is further to the right than some of the Republicans of yore!  So soon enough, if there is a GOP victory this November YOU will have to worry if you are GOP enough, and Christian enough to not be considered an enemy.

If you are a Democratic voter?  Don’t think because Trump sounds crazy he cannot win!  He is mobilizing a too large crowd of frightened, hateful idiots!  He doesn’t need to burn the Reichstag Congress, he can use those handy anti-terrorist laws to dis-empower and ignore it and set martial law in order.  Don’t forget that spineless going along with the massive fear of terrorism led Congress to pass laws that can put ANY American at risk of imprisonment and/or death on the President’s order.

If you are not registered to vote, GET registered.  If you don’t want to watch an ugly repeat of the 1930s and 1940s, doubtless including much war-making?  Vote for ANYONE BUT TRUMP, please?!  




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