My Brain’s Crystal Ball on Hyperbole Trump

02/29/2016 by syrbal-labrys

1democratI want to say I am shocked. But I’m depressed and honest enough to say that the level of stupid pandering to idiocy in this nation makes me sadly unshocked at the success of a crooked, fraudulent, tax-audited-for-over-a-decade reality tv star wealthy asshat as the forerunner of the GOP.

As I’ve said entirely too many times before, I feel like I feel asleep in exhaustion and woke up in a world where the allegedly fictional construct of the movie “Idiocracy” has become reality.  In fashion, “retro” is back and the same ugly striped crap I saw as a teen in the late ’60’s are coming back around.  It makes me terrified that the old rock songs I loved in that era are also perfectly coherently cogent again as well.

Back at the start of Bush the Dumber’s second term, I had a nightmare one night.  I was working in a golden field of wheat, hot, dusty — harvesting by hand with a sickle.  Suddenly, other field laborers ran past me screaming.  I heard a lot of noise coming from a beautiful park area at the edge of the fields — the park where the “Glorious One” held court, you see.  The “Glorious One” was a huge, bloated golden elephant with bejeweled tusks.  And this massive figure had gone rogue, as elephants do from time to time; it was off it’s shady pavilion platform sweeping people into the air with a swing of it’s tusked head!  It was rushing, trumpeting it’s rage, through the heavy heads of wheat towards me when I jerked myself away into shuddering wakefulness.

I woke up with a horrible sense of foreboding even while I told my subconscious mind to stop getting a high off of hyperbole!  Now?  I look at Trump and think my dream was merely a decade premature!



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