To Watch The News Is To Despair

02/22/2016 by syrbal-labrys

1gop n warI really am glad I have mostly abandoned blogging about political matters.  It looks like madness to consider the Trump candidacy, for instance.  A man who literally threatens those who dare to engage in American rights to free speech by buying ads pointing out the inconsistency of Trump’s past statements with his current religious ass-kissing?  WTF?  I cannot even address that level of insane hubris and anti-American behavior without surpassing my considerable stock of profanity.

I really do want to know why the media asks Bernie Sanders how he will pay for free college and health care; but they NEVER ask the GOP screamers how they will pay for the promised carpet bombings and eternal war on “terror”.  Frankly, THEY terrify me far more than ISIL.

I am also still in a bit of recovery mode from my trip back to North Carolina last month for the death vigil of a man I treasured almost as much as my own sons.  He was an Air Force veteran, as is his surviving widow.  She is not very well, and knowing both served where “burn pits” were in constant operation, I have to wonder if she isn’t a widow because of those flaming piles of corporate profit.  I fully encourage every veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan to educate themselves on this matter and consider helping fellow veterans in making the Veterans Administration act on this rather more correctly than they handled the Agent Orange debacle of the Viet Nam War.

Me?  Well, I continue to continue.  Thoughtfully, and when possible, aided by physical learning aids.  I am filtering bits of joy back into my life, hoping to get some increase in physical energy as the spring warms and the gardens begin to blossom.



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