Bitterly A-Walk Upon Return

01/30/2016 by syrbal-labrys

_candlesYesterday was my first Friday home since leaving home on the 17th to go to the deathbed of a Afghani war veteran that almost seemed like a third son to me. I was gone for eight days.  Yesterday was also that veteran’s funeral. Friends gathered in North Carolina yesterday, as I lit a petty king’s ransom of beeswax candles here for Lincoln Marston, 38, of North Carolina. He served almost 18 years in the US Air Force before being rifted out (as was his wife, after 15 years) so they could lighten the retirement pay load for your generous (not!) government.  “Supporting the troops”, is it?  Not so much, since it seems that the folks flogging the “yellow ribbon” bit seem to prefer their “heroes” and “warriors” conveniently dead!  His wife, pretty much penniless just now, is still awaiting a death certificate and autopsy results so she can apply for benefits for her now fatherless children and herself.

Ask yourselves, dear readers – as you hear on the news of military rolls being lightened – is it like union rules, “last in, first out”?  No, oh no, it is those who are close to retirement or at the midpoint in their planned careers who are cut; thrown onto the unemployment rolls to save money in retirement pay!  When civilian companies start canning senior employees, a hue and cry is raised; but when the military throws men and women out nobody notices.  Only one percent (and not the top one percent cash-wise) of the American populace has members in military service.  Your government does not consider that a considerable enough voting block to worry about pissing them off.

The bell also tolls for others who’ve died far from home in pursuit of the undefined goals of George Bush’s war in Iraq – and I will never tire of naming the initiator of the current pair of wars.  Had George Bush the Stupider never decided to play king-maker, the Mideast might never have been so destabilized to spawn ISIL!

January 16th, as I packed my bags to go, Air Force Maj. John D. Gerrie, 42, from Kansas, died at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, where he served supporting the war.

January 26th, Navy civilian Blane D. Bussell, 60, from Virginia, died of non-combat causes far from home in Bahrain, likewise supporting the war effort.

January 28th, Army Sgt. Joseph F. Stifler, 30, from California, died in Al Anbar Province, Iraq as a result of a vehicular roll-over accident.



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