The Effects of “Terrorism”?

12/16/2015 by syrbal-labrys

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Last night I caught a wee bit of the news.  Everyone was in a tizzy over a thousand schools closing in Los Angeles County because of an email threatening a terror attack with “assault rifles” and “bombs” for “allah.”

I will skip the part where they might have noticed the alleged “terrorist” didn’t capitalize the name of god.  With what recently happened in neighboring San Bernardino, I could see erring on the side of caution.  But when some psychologist sort came on to tell us all the “effects” of such terrorism and the fear it induces, I had to work not to hurl my dinner in disgust.

He said we would “change our behavior” — and then listed things like not going to movies, not going to shopping areas.  Oh, my, the shopping vortex is doomed, doomed, I tell you!   All this in the wake of a shooting by Islamic extremists inspired by ISIL.

Here is the thing, though — MY behavior has indeed changed in recent years.  But  I did not change my behavior after 9-11.  I did not change my behavior after San Bernardino.  Do you know when my behavior changed?  I stopped attending movies as much AFTER a white armed asshat AMERICAN shot up a theater.  I avoided shopping malls after white Americans started pinging away at random with guns.  I worry about American religious nuts with their Second Amendment furnished rage now. I quit shopping in Seattle at Pike Place Market and other favorite haunts after American COPS started beating, macing, tasing, shooting people for next to no bloody reason just because they CAN.

So yes, those ARE the effects of terrorism.  Oddly, you will note — my fears have nothing to do with Islam. Nothing at all.  Congress is ALL over the idea of limiting immigration.  But not one act to keep children from dying in school rooms, in churches, in movie theaters at the hands of their “fellow” white American citizens!



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