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11/15/2015 by syrbal-labrys

…to be a bit pissy, ok?  Yes, Paris deserves attention, sympathy, support.  Fine.  And gee, doesn’t the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin look pretty in the French colors?  Seattle’s sports stadium and arches at the Pacific Science Center are light painted, too.  Sympathy and support are beautiful.

iuSo why, back in April, were such things not light painted in red, green, and black for the students killed in Kenya?  They also died at the hands of Muslim fundamentalists.  But not in Paris, the City of Light.

In the wake of Paris, certain assholes who should remain nameless (and indeed, many posted without names like the gutless pukes they are) so nobody body slams them into a brick wall posted that the Black Lives Matter people should take a fucking lesson from Paris and stop bitching.

In other words, all the Mizzou students and other people of color should recognize that if nobody is actually murdering them they have nothing to bitch about?  The April story didn’t seem to get the amount of air time that glamorous, storied Paris is getting.  Not that Paris doesn’t deserve the attention.  But gee, wasn’t the blood just as red in Kenya; didn’t the loved ones who lost their children weep just as piteously?

Check your privilege a bit, America.  Understand that we have ourselves created this chimeric beast now chewing at our guts.  If we pretend that none of this was foreseeable and continue to simply drop ordinance from above without seeking real answers we will create more such beasts.  And if we continue to pretend it is only terrorism when it is brown skinned extremists killing mostly white skinned people?  We will be totally missing the point.



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