Another Friday – Another Walk – Fog of Media War Edition

10/23/2015 by syrbal-labrys

UnknownDon’t get me wrong, I am happy 70 people were freed from the Islamic State Assholes.  And yes, an American died of hostile gunfire in Iraq, something everyone wanted to think was a thing of the past.

Before the right wing dipshits get on their high horses(asses) about how we aren’t supposed to be exposing Americans to gunfire/combat in Iraq anymore?  Please address how you plan to keep American school children, and college students, and average church-goers safe from gunfire HERE in America or just shut the fuck UP, ok?  At least the man who died of his wounds did sign up for “that” as all the GOP sorts were fond of saying while George Bush frittered military lives away.

The man whose grieving family could now fly that “Gold Star” flag?  He died supporting something the military is calling “Operation Inherent Resolve”: Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler, 39, of Roland, Oklahoma, died Oct. 22, in Kirkuk Province, Iraq, from wounds received from enemy small-arms fire during an operation.

MSG Wheeler deserves to be considered a hero, if you ask me.  Not just for this raid, which ended his life.  He was deployed (at leastELEVEN times since he joined the military in 1995, serving tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  I want you to think about this in post-draft military terms, ok?  More than half his career was spent in war zones. In WWII, troops were in for the “duration” — which, for Americans, ended up being four years or so.  In Vietnam, one combat tour of 12 months was the requirement; though many in Special Forces did more.  We don’t have the draft any more; we just keep sending the same troops back again and again; when does their luck run out?  How many repeated one year tours can a soldier survive, over and over?

The news coverage here in the US about the raid, purportedly planned to rescue a mere 20 hostages, seems a bit scant.  Iraqi Kurds were doing the real fighting, we are told — Americans were the helicopter providers and back-up? But a foreign newspaper did have more details, if some were inaccurate.  Although Kurds led the raid, apparently there were no Kurdish hostages, for instance.

The confusion deepens if you read BBC; something sounds a bit amiss there since Kurdish “intelligence sources” quoted there say only seventeen were rescued.  And those were reportedly all former Islamic State members — wanted FOR their intelligence value?  Of course, in a sour (presumably non-fermented) grapes manner, Islamic State decried the raid as “cowardly” and a “failure.”  I have to say, if that is what failure against IS looks like?  I’d be happy to see more of it!



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