Another Week – Another Walk (Edit for additions)

10/12/2015 by syrbal-labrys

1support troo[sThe most recent Coalition deaths in Afghanistan were caused when a British Puma helicopter crashed killing all aboard including two Flight Lieutenants: Geraint Roberts of Wales, and Alan Scott from London, England.  And two American Air Force personnel died in the same crash:

Maj. Phyllis J. Pelky, 45, of Rio Rancho, New Mexico and Master Sgt. Gregory T. Kuhse, 38, of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

But also, I accidentally ran across names I had not seen — names of men who have died in IRAQ (or in Kuwait preparing to go to Iraq) in this year.  The DOD did not mail me these names – even the American names; would I be paranoid to accuse them of covering up that we STILL have people there dying?

In May, a young Navy Petty Officer Devon Doyle died in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia while supporting war efforts.

In June Army PFC Daniel T. Monterrious, 19, of Georgia, died of non-hostile causes in Kuwait.

In September,a German Colonel Stephan Spoettel, died in Baghdad of non-hostile causes.

Also in September, a young Georgian PFC Vasil Kulijanishvili was killed by hostile fire in Bagram, Afghanistan.



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