Fly-By: Hypocrisy and Heartbreak in America

09/20/2015 by syrbal-labrys

I’ve not posted here in a good while.  I’m struggling more than a bit, I admit, to post at all.  But again I am forced to admit part of that difficulty comes from posting only at my more personal blog about the sorts of topics used to belong here.  I’ve noted the difficulty, the sense of futility that keeps me away from the computer all save one or two days a week.

wethepeople_editBut now and then a sense of duty or sheer outrage drags me back, hot in the moment, instead of carefully thought out week-long pre-postings.  Like today.  First the minor outrage, ok?  Let me express it as a snarky letter:

Dear Dept. of Justice,

So, I read that you are pissed off at Volkswagen for being deceptive about diesel car emissions? You want to fine the company in the billions of dollars?  Well, isn’t that special — some CEO sorts you can go after without pissing off any good American car dealerships, eh?  Like GMC, which you merely fined mere millions even though their deception cost human lives! Odd that you didn’t put any of their corporate captains in jail, eh?  But then, neither did you jail any of the Wall Street robber barons who made Americans homeless, who wrecked retirement funds, etc. etc. etc?

What does that mean for us, DOJ, that you only persecute prosecute foreign heads of business?  Not any hypocrisy in your closet, right?  It’s been a good long time since WWII, yet I guess it is STILL all the Germans’ fault?  So GMC gets off for killing citizens, and VW will be fined AND threatened with jail for making the air dirty?  Like no American companies do THAT, wow?

Sincerely not fucking favorably impressed,

A Disgruntled Veteran/Voter

1benefitsBut that was the flash in the pan ‘What the fuck?” because it came fast on the heels of GMC being wrist-slapped.  A deeper, darker, stab-in-the-heart story made me toss and turn all night.   This one was closer to the bones of what this blog began about, way back when I paid for web-hosting in 2003: the war memorial in my back yard and the men and women whose names I carry there entirely too often.

It has always left me feeling stricken almost to silence to know that there are likely near as many names I have NEVER walked inward in that Labyrinth in the upper right corner because the names are largely unknown – the names of the many suicides since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began.  A veteran kills him or herself about once per hour.  But the names only appear in local papers for the most part — I’ve found a few by chance.

photo copy 2Then I found this story with thirteen names.  I DARE you to go read it.  It is about how one single Marine battalion came home from war and then began losing men to suicide — like a horridly personal “domino theory” having nothing whatsoever to do with Communism.  This story tells us about the costs of war that literally everyone never wants to think about; we all “know” they come home and live happily ever after, right?

Not, as it turns out, so fucking much.  So, I am off to walk in thirteen names.  Read that story — it makes clear why my youngest son, with two tours in Afghanistan won’t go to the VA for counseling for his PTSD.  They pass out bags of pills even to vets who say, “Please, I don’t want drugs.” and they hire morons who say things like “You need to think of it as getting over a bad break-up with a girl.”  Cause sure, watching your friends die, in war AND peace is JUST like breaking up with a girl. (And of course, watching your Afghan “allies” commit child sexual abuse is not going to contribute to madness either, right?)

That is wine on the center stone above, but today I think it needs to be whiskey….gods know, I certainly feel like I would need something stronger than fruit of the vine!  After all, an election is coming and that “steely gazed” GOP broad wants the good old “mutual assured destruction” days back, and more war, war, war.  And all those dead Marines?  Younger, every one, than my youngest son.  I hope they rest in the peace they sought by their own hands; I hope everyone else is mad as hell and not going to take it any more!

Sgt. Shawn Jensen, 27

Cpl. Richard McShaw, 25

Pvt. Christopher Stewart, 26

Cpl. Clay Hunt, 28

Cpl. Jeremie Ross, 25

Cpl. Joshua Markel, 25

LCpl. Ufrano Rios Jimenez, 23

Cpl. Elias Reyes Jr. 27

LCpl. Tyler Wilkerson, 27

Cpl. Joseph Gellings, 29

Sgt. Jastin Pak, 27

LCpl. Eduardo Bojorquez, 25



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