Damn It – What Fresh Hell Is This

04/11/2015 by syrbal-labrys

wtf_treeLet me get this straight.  The Yemeni government has basically collapsed.  Russia has evacuated their people; India (3 rapes per hour-ville, for pity’s sake) has evacuated THEIR people.

But the American Embassy and all the US military folks were pulled out and any other US citizens in Yemen are basically on their own?

And no efforts to send in American military to GET our citizens is being planned?  When the State Dept is asked about it, this is the quote:

“We remain in contact through a variety of means to advise American citizens in Yemen about the opportunities that present themselves for people to leave, if they choose to.”

It seems our State Department is telling Americans just to act like any other refugees and beg accomdations where they can find them.  It seems stupid to say  to them, “Do you know what will happen to any American the ISIL assholes capture?”  

Surely the answer is “Yes, we know.”  And the implication that it is STILL not their job/problem scares me.  What are we doing, our government?  Setting a table of sacrificial victims?  Something to get the American dander UP for another way, when America is actually very SICK of war?  So, what — just quietly leave Americans in harm’s way so we can later drum up support for more war?

Seriously, Mr. Kerry, and Mr. Obama….that is FUCKED UP.



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