Damn-Its: Fear-Flogged Edition

04/09/2015 by syrbal-labrys

::::channeling Joan Rivers in non-funny mode:::::

America?  Can we talk? No?  Ok, I talk and you stfu and listen, ok? (Ok that last part mighta come from Chris Christie, mea culpa!)

1fed budgetMost of you Americans are said to not trust Iran on the nuke deal, eh?  I got a bit of a newsflash for you, ok?  What the fuck gives America the right to decide who gets nukes, anyhow?  American exceptionalism is outside our budget.  See that military budget there? See how little is left for things that ACTUALLY improve your lives?  Wake the fuck up.

And also?  Iran is not who/what you think it is anyway.  It is not Afghanistan mired in the year 1100 or so, ok?  Get the fuck OVER your prejudiced, non-curious ideas and go talk to an Iranian — many live right here among us.  (Yeah, get back to me when you stop freaking out, panicking and screaming incoherently.  I like EVERY Iranian I’ve ever met.  I cannot say the same for our alleged buddies the Saudis.)

And then, let me address the homophobes who think it is ok for businesses to refuse to serve gays.  Fuck YOU.  Just Fuck YOU!

What?  Was that mean, inarticulate, and unjustified?  Well, pot meet the fucking iron skillet, ok?  One of two things (tho’ both could be true) is true in your situation.  (1) You are simply a homophobe (possibly closeted even from yourself?) and/or you have a really shitty grasp of Christianity and/or Judaism.  Because the general rule is that you don’t pick and choose which rules to obey.

1gofunkdmeIf you are open on Sundays and you still think “not serving the gay sinners” is just ok with Jesus?  Not so fucking much, you Mammon-worshiping homophobic asshat, you.  Also, you are hypocrites —>

And all you fucks who raised funds for the poor business suffering due to refusing gay service?  How does that accord with anything your white Christ said, I mean, since food banks are struggling to feed the poor and all?  I hope the IRS EATS that business up with taxes on the $800,000 or so they got from a bunch of asshats.

Dozens of larger and better bloggers than me have covered the asinine complete bullshit that is “religious cause for not serving gays”.  I have a religion; how’s about I refuse to serve you unless you agree that my Lady Athena is great, or that “Isis, Isis*, RA RA RA” should be the newest cheer on Sunday mornings?  How come it isn’t religious freedom when a baker REFUSES to icing-write nasty evil shit about gays on a cake?

*(the goddess, not the ISIL shitheads)

1chrst natFunny, how all you uber-Christian sorts think freedom of religion only means YOUR religion.  Oddly, as an old Cold Warrior, I remember how we dismissed the “free elections” of the Soviet Union because there was only one political party.   I’m sure the same applies to religion; it isn’t fucking free if there is only one choice.

Hey, now that I am done ranting, how’s about a Coke, huh?  NO, you can’t have a fucking Dr. Pepper.  You are FREE to have a Coke.



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