Damn Its: Arkansas Edition

03/30/2015 by syrbal-labrys

1islamics conservLet me count the ways in which I am glad I don’t live in Arkansas, ok?

First, it seemed they merely wanted to one-up Indiana. Religious Freedom to be an asshat to anyone who might not be living by YOUR repressive religion. (Please, please click that link for the best graphic EVER! Or also, THIS!)  Because sure, who would Jeebus hate love to not serve?

Then fear of photography apparently hit them, so they want to legislate THAT, too.  It boggles the mind that viewing street photography would be illegal, too.  What does that even mean?  Is it illegal to SEE someone taking a photo on a public street, or to look AT a photo OF a public street?  If photos on the streets are illegal, does that mean the STATE cannot put up cameras at stop lights and such?  Does it mean the state/police cannot take photos of public events, crime scenes, etc ON streets?  What DO press photographers do — no longer take pics at demonstrations, riots, natural disasters?  And don’t even talk about drones taking photos, ok? (Some bloggers are saying that if you have a website with photos — even if you life OUT of state, you could be sued using this law!  Good grief?!?)  Congrats, Arkansas, if you don’t veto this bit of crap, you are right up there with Saudi Arabia!

And by Gawd, Arkansas, let’s show those damned humane-to-chickens Californians a thing or two, ok?  Let’s ban their wines!  It sure is going to get thirsty in Arkansas if this shit flies (into fans?), since most wine sold there IS from California!  And how fucking dare California have a legal opinion about what is sold in THEIR OWN STATE, anyhow, right?  Sure, you Arkansans have a perfect right to abuse your chickens and STILL sell eggs in California…I feel you, …uh, or not.



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