The Damn Its

03/25/2015 by syrbal-labrys

1offenedI still don’t feel I have anything significant to add as a blogger here.  Rather like a prominent pagan writer/priestess/blogger said recently — “Quitting is Beginning“.  I AM feeling a benefit of my withdrawal from blogging here almost daily.  I feel quite stretched even maintaining my more personal blog.  But I am feeling better.

I am not skipping the news.  I am not even skipping favorite blog reading.  I am simply being more Stoic in my determination of what I can effect with my words and what is a waste of energy.

But I am considering an occasional post or so here.  What, for lack of a better title, could be called “The Damn Its” — because that is the mildest comment I have when reading said things.

Like this.  Because in the end, our delay will affect fuck-nothing except our own casualty counts.

And yes, damn it, wtf is wrong with mothers lately?  What despair induces such acts of horror?


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