Pop-In: Rabid Bedfellows

02/11/2015 by syrbal-labrys

1sugar shitSo, Islamic State blames Jordanian bombing for killing American hostage, Kayla Mueller?  Pissed off, I suspect, that a random bomb fall beat them to it.  The news is full of outrages committed, and heartfelt tales of a few who have abandoned the IS cause to flee for their lives.  And Obama feels the need to commit Americans to defeating them.

I agree something needs to be done about these murderous thugs.  But the idea of America committing to another war — for three years at the outset?  That fills me with dread and despair.  Note, I called these Islamic State people “murderous thugs” and the reason for that is I don’t think radical Islam is the exact problem.  I see stories of ‘hundreds’ of foreigners joining the cause, for instance.

Know what I think?  I don’t think those “hundreds” are religiously motivated at all.  I think they are malcontents, perhaps even some psychopaths, who want permission to KILL.  They would enlist for any cause that took them without much examination and gave them freedom to slaughter.  In spite of the “values” on display in the movie about the sniper Chris Kyle, the US Army does not generally just say “Yeah, fuck it, kill ’em all.”

So, America?  You are not getting ready to fight a religious war, no matter how many people want to entitle it thus; you are fighting a case of rabies.  Bullets as inoculants, anyone?



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