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01/14/2015 by syrbal-labrys

1our vetsI have moved the book review/rant segment over to Experiential Pagan for the New Year.  It should appear every Wednesday there!  This week’s book is the finally completed depressing reading task “American Spartan” by Ann Scott Tyson.  Yes, yes, it left me spitting nails…

The former Major Jim Gant lives in Seattle somewhere with his now wife Ann Tyson.  I admit, book rant aside, I worry about him.  But then, I worry about every veteran of the recent wars (and older ones).  I have three of them (4 if you consider Cold War me) under my roof — but I can’t shelter them all, and America doesn’t seem to give a shit about them.

Well, aside from New Orleans, that is.  That city, so embattled by so much since hurricane Katrina, found the heart and the way to house EVERY homeless veteran.  You know, I don’t give a good damn about how YOU feel about America’s wars.  Men and women are going because of a virtual economic draft — and they come home broken and broke.  They deserve better than life on the streets.  Knowing ALL that is why this week’s reviewed and ranted about book bothered me SO much.


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