Fundy Asshats By Any Other Name Are Still Shitheads

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01/12/2015 by syrbal-labrys

1jesusIf there ever was a Jesus, he may have been “gentle” as the word always attaches to his name, but his followers have certainly NOT followed in his gentle footsteps.  I am about sick of being told only brown skinned Muslims are capable of terrorizing actions and murder.

Just because our moronic media does a crummy job reporting it when Christianist terrors wreak havoc doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.  And no, they don’t get off saying “Well, that person was crazy.”

And yes, it is Monday, and I am so fed up with bullshit that I even boiled over on the other blog!  And if you don’t think there is reason to be fed up?  Well, you need to have a view from non-Americans perhaps, through the questions they ask an American?


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