Fuck You, LTC Gade!


01/08/2015 by syrbal-labrys

1offenedWell, well….here is an Army officer with a secure job in spite of losing a leg to war.  We should all doff our caps, right?

I’ll doff my fucking cap alright.  Give me a cap off The Peaky Blinders, please?  This is the guy telling disabled veterans, basically, that it is disability pay that cripples them.  Buying the Rethuglican fiscal austerity bullshit at the expense of veterans.  My disabled son only gets about $220 a month. Trust me on this, THAT is not enough for him to “stay home, be crazy to get a job — and get addicted to drugs or alcohol.”  He went to college on his GI Bill, he has a degree and had good grades.  He has been searching for a job, but every possible job has less to do with his education and more to do with his former military specialty.

IF he could still do THAT job, he’d be completing a military career.  But the military broke him and threw him aside, and now this fucking officer, sitting in a teaching position at West Fucking Point is going around telling men like him that it is their pittance of disability pay that cripples them?  Not their wounds, not their PTSD, not the fucking service-job-only economy; no it is that “government promise resentfully fulfilled handout” that is holding him back?

Yeah, fuck you LTC Gade.  Light Colonel, eh?  Light on the supporting the troops if you ask me.  Telling veterans that that disability pay, painfully earned, is a “trap”?  I’ll tell you what is a trap, you asshat!  An economic draft that renders the poor young men and women of America into government paid mercenaries for corporate betterment at taxpayer expense is a fucking trap.  And YOU, telling them to get off disability pay and “just get a job”….well, let’s just say carpetbaggers were more honest than you are, you shithead.  This is why any soldier knows to love NCOs better than officers.


2 thoughts on “Fuck You, LTC Gade!

  1. Rowan says:

    If only these asshats had to LIVE on that pittance of a disability pay! Then we might actually see some compassion and real HELP for our veterans. Words fail.

    • Tell me about it. He is bitching about the guys paid ‘full’ disability the most. About the most any of them get is around $3000 a month. And I’ve got to tell you, most places in the nation…supporting a family on that is damned tough if not impossible.

      So yeah, he is my Flaming Pineapple Enema candidate of the week.

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