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01/07/2015 by syrbal-labrys

1offenedWith the calendars all new (with pictures of things that will likely go extinct in my own lifetime), I’m sort of reviewing how things are going on the American home front.  How’s about those gas prices, eh?  Filled our vehicles up at $2.15 per gallon and I cannot tell you how long it has been since that has happened!  So that should be great, right?  And all those fucker-liberals screaming about fracking should shut UP, right?  Because, look it lowered our gasoline prices, right?

No, not right.  Your gas prices are low because the Saudi Arabians are dumping oil that they can get for as low as $10 a barrel to counter American oil at $50 a barrel.  You should all consider this a preview of what happens if America tries for energy independence, perhaps?  That fine light American crude oil is not filling the gas pumps here at home, most of it is being sold abroad, thus our “buddies” the Saudi Arabians selling cheap to cut our economic throats.  And the American oil business and all connected employment is at risk — pipe makers being laid off, for instance.

All that, and we can’t even know what is causing Midwestern earthquakes — is it the fracking or is it the Ogallala Aquifer emptying and collapsing?  Hey, fun thought of the week — it could be a combination of both.  How does one say “fucked” in Arabic, eh?


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