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01/05/2015 by syrbal-labrys

1attempting to give a fuck…NO further fucks will be given.  Nope, nary so much as an attempt, ok?  Yes, this is a bit like a bloggish New Year’s Resolution — things I will no longer even consider posting about because it is a waste of effort.  I might even stop READING about these things, it will depend upon the context.

1. Sarah Palin.  She is a nitwit attention whore.  I don’t CARE any more.  In fact I care considerably less than ever, and I never cared much.

2. Nutjob Christian religionists who want to wrap the flag around their cross (yes, you may extrapolate as filthily as you desire with that statement) while behaving with all the sensibilities of pirate marauders when the cameras are NOT on them.  Fuck them all with flaming pineapples — and yes, that movie reference is from THEIR mythos, not mine.

3. Republican venality.  They will go on blithering, selling themselves to the highest bidders while claiming they are patriots.  What the fuck ever, you lying asshats.

4. Democratic spinelessness.  It is a waste of time trying to give some of these bastards a spinal infusion — in spite of my occasional desire to use a piece of rebar, while channeling Vlad Tepes, to do it.

Gee, what does that leave me as a cause to occasionally pop in here to expostulate, since there are SO many better bloggers out there covering everything of possible interest?

Well, I may discuss books, as I did yesterday.

I also will likely expostulate on the state of womanhood in the USA and larger world — at the hands (largely) of patriarchal asshats.  Because yes, some paradigms need a good shaking — I’d say about a 7.9 would help.  The fact that this will doubtless mention aforementioned nutjob Christians is merely incidental.

I will continue to occasionally publicly mourn the war dead and the folks unnecessarily dead because of America’s love affair with power from the end of a gun.

I will also poke snarkily at stupid-assed fear-flogging laws.  Shit like legislating what you may wear, for instance.

I thought about taking a non-swearing pledge for the new year, just as a lark.  And as an excuse to use humongous words to denigrate what merely popping the adjective “fucking” into a phrase does for me now.  I decided that especially regarding place names?  (Fucking Oklahoma(see above ‘for instance’), Fucking Texas, Fucking Kansas, Fucking Missouri) Fucking works better, besides I don’t want to give my semi-OCD inner sort an excuse for alliteration, do I?

I am busy living my life.  I’ve talked myself blue in the face and over the past few years have had little to show for it aside from a busted Darwin Fish on my car and ever lowering blog stats, lol; so hey….


6 thoughts on “Things About Which…

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I don’t make blogging resolutions, it’s the free-form approach that appeals to me. I can write about what captures my fancy at any particular time, and (although I try to post daily) I can even blow off a day if I want. If it ceases to be fun, what’s the point of blogging?

    • I freewheel pretty well over at EP, but here? Not so much. More and more this blog is NOT fun; it is where I confront the public issues that make me angry, make me hurt, and frankly, make me feel helpless. So, yeah…sometimes it is hard to keep punching at the stupidity.

  2. Rowan says:

    I think the world would really come to an end if you took that pledge. *smile* There are just some things that need to be sworn at sometimes.

    Does the lowering blog count take into account those of us who signed up to have the blog emailed to us? Because I read everything you write. I just don’t always have more to add to what you have said. But I feel like I always learn something when you post.

    (p.s. – after 19 months, Wes finally found a new job! Hurrah!)

    • I don’t think it does count email readers, to be honest. WordPress often ticks me RIGHT off — they have a new stats page which is aggravating enough; but worse, it still does not account for MOST of my readers.

      I am SO glad you found a job. Still crossing fingers here for the boys, not much available.

      • Rowan says:

        The world is still figuring out how to work in the electronic age. *laugh* Heck, even the networks can’t figure out that people don’t all watch when they tell them to, preferring to watch things when they have time or choose to watch. Probably helped kill Firefly.

        Wes had some synchronicity with the job. He lost the last job when his dad went into the hospital and needed him 19 months ago. His dad ended up in the hospital again at the end of November. Bam! Job offer. It was … interesting. I wish your boys good luck in their search. It’s competitive out there.

      • Either out there or getting a business of their own up and going; it would be good for them.

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