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12/24/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1why is everyone so fucking stupid….back in a mattress?  Your savings, that is.  Because the banks are popping champagne early — the funding bill sneaked in an escape from the Dodd-Frank 2010 attempt to reel those bastards in after they crashed the economy in 2008.  Now banks again CAN use YOUR money to buy shit that they may profit from, not that you will see any of that profit.

I don’t put my savings (such as there is) in a bank.  But damn, short memories since it hasn’t even been a decade since those culpable bank bastards fucked the entire nation and lost money for a good many folks and they are all set up and ready to do it again.  Gotta help the very rich reap the REST of the cash of the country before they sail away to some island, I guess.

Yeah, a line-item veto sounds good right about now.


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