Star Light, Star Bright…

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12/10/2014 by syrbal-labrys

2014-12-09 23.11.15_resized…there are no stars to be seen in my sky tonight.  Heavy clouds are drenching us with rain.  So only the large seven-pointed stars of foil, in the living room and kitchen window are shining brightly in the dark, wet, winter’s night.

But I sure could use a star to wish upon tonight.  The news is depressing.  No, not the released information about just what was done to any unfortunate seized on suspicion of being a terrorist or “enemy combatant” — I already KNEW those things. They have considerably added to my reasons for despair and depression since about 2003.

But news of individual acts of savagery — someone pouring accelerant all over a 19 year old girl…even into her throat and nostrils and setting her afire, for instance.  Oh, those are the news stories that make me shake my head in confusion; how could anyone do such a horrible thing to such a young woman — a virtual child?  Is this what the requiem of America looks like?  Such incredible acts of cruelty perpetrated upon the young?  So many young people buried by their grief-stricken parents of late seems so unnatural.

Fear and hate seem to walk our streets.  I met a woman today: she was my age and she said she hated going out to shop alone — because she was afraid of being robbed or attacked.  I can remember when that would have been a very strange thing to hear from an older woman in America in an average city, and in a fabric store, for pity’s sake!

I have no more answers, I feel ever more silenced by the enormity of wrong.  The clouds are raining down upon us; there certainly is sufficient reason for tears.  We seem to have lost more than wishing stars, as a nation  — I think we’ve lost the stars we used to follow, in hard times or in good ones.  And I think we will need more than NASA to re-locate some beacon of reason and justice in this century.


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