Dear President Obama…

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12/10/2014 by syrbal-labrys

Star of Seven 1…and also any white person, who says, like the doughy woman on the news “Can’t we just move ON now, and think of Christmas?” when she was asked about the protests about Ferguson and other places where young blacks are shot down by police on any slim excuse.

No, we can’t move on.  And Christmas?  Seriously?  Just who would your precious Jesus shoot for being the wrong color, anyhow?  Do you think J.C. Superstar would be out shopping or marching in Ferguson?

President Obama thinks we need to just keep “working” on racism.  Yeah, about that, Sir?  You could work harder on that yourself, instead of being so compliant, so patient while the country erupts in open institutionalized racism I’ve not seen the equal of since I was ten years old!  People of your color are dying, Mr. President and you are making inadequate excuses for their killers.

Certain guiding  lights are going out in America.  At least, that is what it feels like to me.  I am in a home surrounded by family and peace and yet it feels like a ocean tidal wave is waiting outside in the darkness.  People abroad look at America now; and yes, like me they think a special kind of stupidity, insanity and viciousness is at work here.

While my personal life is happier than at any time I can recall, it is still the deepest winter of my discontent (and no, not “made glorious” by current events, thank you Will Shakespeare)… I’ve been watching the GOP dismantle any idea of functional government in order to take down one black man.  But, America?  He is not going down alone.

We will all have plenty to regret if we don’t get the fever of racism damped down, stomped out — before, like a forest fire in the dry season, it burns us all down.  No justice, no peace. Twenty-five years ago, in the twilight of my attempt at Catholicism, that bumper sticker adorned the cars at St. Leo’s  on Tacoma, Washington’s “Hilltop”.  That message is not being heard STILL, and that is why every injustice is greeted with protests that can turn to riots, with grief that starts fires of rage.  As the Spiegel article linked to above says — the people lighting the fires have learned that nothing save violence gets them listened to at all: “If we don’t tear anything down, if we don’t destroy anything, if we don’t set fire to anything, they won’t even pay attention,

If we can’t hear the weeping, the anger, the cries for justice….we will hear the fire alarms, the sirens and the roar of flames in the night.  And not, as a white woman said in the linked article, because “black people don’t know how to act….they are like animals”.  But because they are treated like animals and have very little left to lose.

We worry about the radicalization of young Islamic men across the planet; we would be better off thinking about Christmas after all perhaps?  Well, Christmas as I recall it at St. Leo’s — with a heavy dose of social justice for ALL.  Yes, liberation theology, bitches.  More than candles will light the night if we don’t ALL start listening to the real story in America, we are radicalizing our own desperate citizens right here and now.  And Christmas ain’t gonna fix that….


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