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12/06/2014 by syrbal-labrys

Yule_2007-2-EditToday, the day after Hunt’s Night, I spent the entire afternoon doing Yule cards.  Most of them were hand written in their entirety and utilized a photograph done from a scan taken of favorite holiday things — in other worlds, very personal.  A few, to businesses and some very casual work acquaintances at the career my husband just closed, got UNICEF cards made out to them.

But the majority, yes, personally written and not even all the same.  Yes, that picture, revived from scanning seven years ago, was chosen for this year to connote the restored household harmony and the joy of my runaway-son’s return.

I receive fewer cards each year, most people don’t seem to bother with sending actual paper correspondence any more.  I think this is rather sad; while I enjoy and use email, I find it less satisfying.  It is to real mail what “Peter Pan food” is to real food in a sense.

If any of YOU would like a real Yule card, email me at msyrbal at yahoo dot com.  First come, first serve until I run OUT of prints and card stock!  We can celebrate Axial Tilt, Yule…whatever you like!


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