There Is A Song In My Head

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12/05/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1vote 1I am finding the daily news more of a trial than usual, possibly because so many men in police uniform are not facing trial.  Possibly because the idea of peaceful protestors being met with fried chicken and watermelon dinners makes me want to never again eat either.  For a nation that condemns human rights violations in other nations, we sure are doing a fine job of institutionalizing legal murder by cops.

They say gratitude is the key to enjoying life.  I’m trying, I am — I have so much that I am being grateful for, you see.  But I am having trouble being grateful that I don’t have to tell my sons this list of things to never do around a police officer.  In fact, I am ashamed — and not for the first time — to have my “fortunate” white face.

And yes, I know the election of 2014 is over.  I just want to grind that axe a bit sharper — too few of us with brains voted.  And the people who think flying a flag of traitors is ok won time after time.  Stop being jaded, America….start fighting for what the nation is SUPPOSED to be.  And if this grand jury comes back with no indictment?  Well, I imagine firefighters will be working overtime.  I can’t get Billie Holliday out of my head…


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