Tell Us Again That It Is About Lives

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12/05/2014 by syrbal-labrys

I QuitAh, America.  Just when I think the racism blooming like winter hellebore flowers is the thing that disgusts me most, I find out that corporate thuggery is an equal volcanic zit on the face of America.   Specially the kind of corporate thuggery that labels itself as being about saving lives — the big pharmaceutical corporations.  They pat themselves on the back for finding meds to fight the scourges of mankind, you see?  Even when they kill their test subjects doing it!

But unless you are very rich and very well insured by medical insurance companies that exist to profit off the suffering and dying of millions, you are screwed.  I have a long time friend with hepatitis C; he has been fighting the disease ever since I met him.

He makes no bones about how his misspent youth resulted in his current woes.  But then, if we allow ourselves to go down that road, we’d have to stop curing lung cancer for smokers or venereal disease for fuckers, right?  So, let’s dismiss the “Oh, that illness is a judgement from Gawd” ideation right now, of course.  Because that way leads to murderous insanity that would have made the Holocaust look sensible by comparison.

He generally lives in Ireland, but he has come back to the States twice this year because his doctor told him a new drug has come out that might free him from premature death.  But his springtime trip resulting in nothing except disappointment.  His medical insurance said they would not pay for the new drug because “There is a lot of the ‘old’ drug to be used still…when that is all gone, supplies exhausted, we will talk about the new one.”  Seriously? A drug he had already tried without good result, and he is expected to clean the pharmaceutical company’s plate first?

He returned in the fall, but then his insurer (Medicare and Medicade) wouldn’t ok the drug that could save his life because of the expense.  In an entire area it checked off on the drug use for ONE man, and only because that man’s only other choice was a liver transplant and the drug was cheaper.  But everyone else fighting Hep C?  Fuck off and die, literally; because the insurance companies don’t deem you worth the money.

So after the holidays my friend will go back to Ireland.  Where he may at last get the drug he needs, because you see, governments have more sway over drug prices than that article will admit to; Ireland has a Hep C crisis you see.  Some years back, Mother England sent Hep C tainted blood to Ireland’s blood banks.  Lots of “innocents” were infected — pregnant mothers and their newborns, for instance.  So governmental guilt in play, the drug IS to be had in Ireland, unlike here in the USA.

Wow, capitalism rocks, eh?  Rocks from cradle to grave here….rocks you TO your grave if you are not in the top 10% of income, that is.


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