Thorns In the Season —What Is The Reason, Again?

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12/04/2014 by syrbal-labrys

Yule cactusSo, even with a medical examiner calling it homicide and video showing the man being throttled to death, another white cop kills a black man without consequences.  Possibly a very long list…but who is keeping track?

Those shiny stars worn by Western sheriffs in our childhood television shows are surely seeming badly tarnished these days, no?  And if the New York Police feel “thrown under the bus” because of the heat their latest fuck-up caused?  Well, suck it up, boys — it is better than being a dead black man.

My last hope for sanity of some small kind is that the Cleveland cop who shote a twelve year old after a whole two seconds of accessing the situation will be indicted.  But it IS Cleveland…

All I can think is that the Seattle police officers who are using a lawsuit to refuse even the Justice Department’s word on use of violence (they use TOO much!) would likely love to move to Cleveland.  And Ohio?  Where I had to live for the entire eighth grade, constantly being told how “enlightened a state it was –where Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” ignited abolitionists?  Not all that free of racists after all.

I’m an old white broad, and these days?  Even I am afraid of cops.  When we had a prowler a couple nights ago, I didn’t call them.  I called my two veteran sons to perform a premises check.


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