Writing on the Wall?

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11/26/2014 by syrbal-labrys

SwordsI continue to mourn for my nation.  Like that white guy on the tarot card at left, we are stabbing ourselves in the back with hateful, wrong-headedness.  I’ve hated the running stream of racism in America since I was 10 years old, riding a school bus in Louisiana, seeing shivering black kids in an open pick-up truck in hurricane driven rains beside our all-white bus at a stop light.  The other kids laughed at my incredulous question about why those children were in that truck and shouted at the “dumb nigger-lovin” Yankee” that it was “their bus”, and “don’t you know nothin’, Yankee?”

But in the 21st century, seeing such an open, uncovered sore as Ferguson, seeing Officer Wilson talk about his “clear conscience”?  It leaves me raw, angry, frustrated, and hopeless…and feeling an impotence I never wanted to feel again.  No justice, no peace, America.  Will we ever know justice and know peace?  

I don’t even know what her rage feels like and can only imagine.

I’d be crushed, too.  So Darren Wilson tells a story of a polite white officer being bullied by a scary big black man?  I’ve SEEN white cops with black teens, Man.  I betcha he was a foul-mouthed asshole and young Michael just hit the “not going to take it anymore” stage.  It is not the job of the cops to PROVOKE — and I utterly disbelieve Wilson’s tale of being oh-so-correct.  But I’m sorry, Grist, anything won in a civil suit does NOT recompense those grieving parents.

Will this now be the daily traffic jam?  Is this all that is left to us, to block traffic to show our outrage and grief?

Does NYC really care that they walked outwhite NYC, I mean?

And, really, who the hell runs a Grand Jury THAT way?

The world sees us as we are; they are not buying the sweet stories white people tell themselves about melting pots.

Joan Baez sung it right: “The world outside is black and white, with only one color dead“(at police hands)…




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