What Fresh Hell….


11/26/2014 by syrbal-labrys

1why is everyone so fucking stupid(Warning: the religious bits in the article pissed me off and seem superfluous, but the point is the same — WTF?!)  My state of Washington seems to be fucked beyond belief.  When WE tried to get Child Protective Services to investigate our grand-daughter’s living conditions, seeing ‘red-flag’ behaviors in our son’s visitations with her, they ignored us; they dismissed our concerns of possible molestation as “Non-custodial parent hostility.”

But let a woman give birth to healthy, if small, twins at HOME and dare to breastfeed her babies.  THOSE children they will take away even though a pediatrician said they were doing just fine.  Yes, read it to the bottom and call the governor at the number given, please.


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